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void Connection::disconnect_b3_conf ( _cmsg &  message  )  throw (CapiError,CapiWrongState,CapiMsgError) [protected]

called when we get DISCONNECT_B3_CONF from CAPI

message the received DISCONNECT_B3_CONF message
CapiWrongState Thrown when the message is received unexpected (i.e. in a wrong plci_state)
CapiMsgError Thrown if the info InfoElement indicates an error
CapiError Thrown when an invalid message is received

Definition at line 760 of file connection.cpp.

References N4, ncci, and ncci_state.

      if (ncci_state!=N4)
            throw CapiWrongState("DISCONNECT_B3_CONF received in wrong state","Connection::disconnect_b3_conf()");

      if (ncci!=DISCONNECT_B3_CONF_NCCI(&message))
            throw CapiError("DISCONNECT_B3_CONF received with wrong NCCI","Connection::disconnect_b3_conf()");

      if (DISCONNECT_B3_CONF_INFO(&message))
            throw CapiMsgError(DISCONNECT_B3_CONF_INFO(&message),"DISCONNECT_B3_CONF received with Error (Info)","Connection::disconnect_b3_conf()");

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