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void Connection::acceptWaiting (  )  throw (CapiMsgError, CapiWrongState)

disable timeout for a pending call (i.e. send ALERT)

Normally, a call is indicated from ISDN and timeouts after 4 (or 8) seconds if no answer is received. If you want to accept the call, not immediately, but some secods later, you must call acceptWaiting(). This tells ISDN that we will accept it some times later (i.e. send ALERT_REQ)

CapiWrongState Thrown if call is not in necessary state (waiting for acception or rejection)
CapiMsgError Thrown by Capi::calert_req(). See there.

Definition at line 282 of file connection.cpp.

References Capi::alert_req(), capi, P2, plci, and plci_state.

      if (plci_state!=P2)
            throw CapiWrongState("wrong state for acceptWaiting","Connection::acceptWaiting()");

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