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Connection::connection_state_t Connection::getState (  ) 

Return the connection state.

current connection state as specified in Connection::connection_state_t

Definition at line 338 of file connection.cpp.

References DOWN, N0, NACT, ncci_state, OTHER_STATE, P0, P2, PACT, plci_state, UP, and WAITING.

Referenced by capisuitemodule_destruct_connection(), Switch2FaxG3::mainLoop(), DisconnectModule::mainLoop(), CallOutgoing::mainLoop(), ReadDTMF::ReadDTMF(), and ~Connection().

      if (plci_state==PACT && ncci_state==NACT)
            return UP;
      else if (plci_state==P2 && ncci_state==N0)
            return WAITING;
      else if (plci_state==P0 && ncci_state==N0)
            return DOWN;
            return OTHER_STATE;

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