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string Connection::prefix (  )  [protected]

return a prefix containing this pointer and date for log messages

constructed prefix as stringstream

Definition at line 302 of file connection.cpp.

Referenced by changeProtocol(), connect_active_ind(), connect_b3_active_ind(), connect_conf(), Connection(), connectWaiting(), convertToCP437(), debugMessage(), disconnect_b3_ind(), disconnectCall(), errorMessage(), facility_ind_DTMF(), IdleScript::IdleScript(), info_ind_alerting(), info_ind_called_party_nr(), rejectWaiting(), send_block(), start_file_reception(), start_file_transmission(), stop_file_reception(), stop_file_transmission(), and ~Connection().

      stringstream s;
      time_t t=time(NULL);
      char* ct=ctime(&t);
      s << ct << " Connection " << hex << this << ": ";
      return (s.str());

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