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void Connection::rejectWaiting ( _cword  reject  )  throw (CapiWrongState, CapiMsgError, CapiExternalError)

Reject a waiting incoming call.

Only use for waiting calls - to disconnect an already connected call use disconnectCall().

reject reject cause, see CAPI spec ch 5.6 for details
CapiWrongState Thrown if call is not in necessary state (waiting for acception or rejection)
CapiExternalError Thrown if function called with wrong parameters
CapiMsgError Thrown by Capi::connect_resp(). See there.

Definition at line 265 of file connection.cpp.

References capi, connect_ind_msg_nr, Capi::connect_resp(), debug, debug_level, our_call, P2, P5, plci, plci_state, and prefix().

Referenced by DisconnectModule::mainLoop().

      if (debug_level >= 1) {
            debug << prefix() << "rejecting with cause " << reject <<  endl;
      if (plci_state!=P2)
            throw CapiWrongState("wrong state for reject","Connection::reject()");
      if (our_call)
            throw (CapiExternalError("can't reject an outgoing call","Connection::rejectWaiting()"));
      if (!reject)
            throw CapiExternalError("reject cause must not be zero","Connection::reject()");

      capi->connect_resp(connect_ind_msg_nr,plci,reject,0,0,0,NULL,NULL,NULL); // can throw CapiMsgError. Propagate

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